Natural pure food and drug,sometimes are equally important.


Nanjing university of Chinese medicine, professor, chief physician. Nanjing university of Chinese medicine expert advisory committee, vice chairman,combine traditional Chinese and western medicine experts in jiangsu province,Dr Toyama medical pharmaceutical university in Japan. Member of Chinese academy of sciences academic line of the TCM expert professor Ye Jie springs.As the world's natural medicine union, chairman of international society for
Oriental medicinal food diet secretary-general, nanjing natural medical association, the Chinese association for the study of sub-health, vice President,nanjing anti-cancer society, a senior adviser.


Successive national natural science fund committee project project evaluation experts, evaluation experts,the state education commission and the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine subject achievement evaluation experts, the Beijing natural
science foundation project evaluation experts, education subject evaluation experts in jiangsu province, zhejiang province science and technology commission project evaluation experts...